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Welcome to Venturia's Rules page.
If you have any question or concerns about this page please
contact the server staff.

Section 1 | General Rules and Knowledge:

1.1. These are the official Venturia Server rules, by playing on our server you agree to follow these rules and act accordingly.
1.1.2. Lack of knowledge or not being informed is not a valid defense.
1.2. Our staff members can punish a player as they deem fit, if you feel as though a punishment was unjust, you are free to report it to us.
1.3. We reserve the right to change or modify these rules at any time and in our sole discretion.
1.4. NEVER share any personal information with anyone (including staff members), wheter it is in private or public chat.
1.4.1. Doxing a player is STRONGLY prohibited and will result in a permanent ban from ALL of our platforms.
1.5. Staff Impersonation is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
1.6. Explicit or inappropriate skins are not allowed.

Section 2 | Chat Rules:

2.1. Swearing is allowed to an extent, with the option to toggle the chat filter via the settings in our /menu.
2.2. Using slurs of any kind is prohibited.
2.3. Self or Server advertising is not permitted unless given approval beforehand.
2.4. Bypassing the chat filter will result in a mute.
2.5. Do not send any links that would be deemed inappropriate or malicious.
2.6. Inappropriate usernames and nicknames are not allowed.

Section 3 | Modifications, Clients, Exploits, Bugs:

3.1. Allowed mods:
Any Aesthetic mods that do not affect vanilla gameplay
• Optifine
• Texture-Packs (that do not contain X-ray or ESP)
• Shaders
• Badlion
• Lunar
• Feather
3.2. Prohibited mods:
Any Clients that can give the Player an Advantage including but not limited to:
• X-ray
• Kill-Aura
• Baritone
3.2.1. If you would like to suggest an addition to this list reach out to a staff member (forums / discord / in-game).
Any player found using banned modifications will be warned or banned if they fail to comply.
3.3. All bugs are to be reported to a staff member. Players who are caught exploiting a bug will be punished accordingly.

Section 4 | AFK

4.1. AFK Farming is allowed so long as it does not cause lag.
4.2. If the AFK Farm causes lag, the player will be asked to modify or remove said farm. Continious use of
AFK Farms that cause lag will result in a ban.

Section 5 | Towny, Griefing, Player Builds

5.1. Creating a Town or Outpost within close proximity of another Town or Outpost without the permission of the claimed
land's owner is not allowed. Any claimed land will be moved further away.
5.2. Griefing is not allowed in the Towny or Spawn world. Griefing includes but is not limited to:
Purposely building in close proximity of a player build or claimed land.
• Destrying player builds.
• Placing lava walls around structures or claimed land.
• Placing locked blocks (chests/furnaces/smokers etc.) around structures or claimed land.
5.3. The resource world is an exception to this rule, as the world is reset every 30 days.